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Experts in the NFT space, developing blockchain-based technologies and designing high-end digital art…

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The rise of blockchain technology and current market trends provide a unique opportunity for anyone…

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Token economies illustrate how the blockchain can work to build vibrate ecosystems to incentivize behavior…

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Who we are

About Fusionary LTD

Our story begins when we were much younger. 

We didn’t even know it at the time, but years of playing MMO (massively multiplayer online) games together have honed our skills in international communication and connected us with like-minded geeks that shared our sense of curiosity and drive for personal growth. 

Armed with nothing but our imagination, we investigated file structures, studied network architecture, and mastered the art of code to achieve our goals. 

Fast forward a few years, and we’re all doing the same thing with the same amount of passion and intensity, helping companies of all sizes and sectors to grow. 

We now operate via multiple brands that master the fields of UI/UX design, growth hacking, and business strategy, as well as a software powerhouse that powers high-ticket finance applications, CRMs, ERPs, native integrations, and a variety of mobile and web apps. 

We’ve worked with some of the coolest startups on the planet, and created some amazing digital products, turning ideas into reality to success. 

Nowadays we operate under the principles of leadership and innovation to forge a better future for ourselves and our community. Embracing the decentralized new world with crypto-finance and cross-border independence, we deliver smart solutions to new markets, charting new territories and reaching new heights. 

We are a family, first and foremost. Our bond is maintained for over a century, and this is how we treat our clients as well. We won’t take a project unless we’re absolutely convinced our added value will rock your world, and grow our family.

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Boasting now 30+ in-house experts, Fusionary has accumulated a terrific pool of cross-industry business knowledge. We’re proud of being trusted for our T-shaped engineering expertise, design talent, advisory vision, and partner approach.

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